Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Diy Candlestick Holder With Rattan Handle

This colorful DIY project is easy to make for a weekend and inexpensive. The materials needed are: plastic bumper, jute twine, scissors, craft glue, a hot glue gun, decorative finishing wire, a basket and a bunch of candlestick holders which […]

Unique Tree Toppers By Lolli Moorhappar

The tree toppers come in a natural color, but this next one is a touch different from the standard choices. Designed by Lolli Moorhappar, the Tusk Tree Topper featured in the picture is part of a “Tree Topper Sculpture” collection […]

Diy Candlestick Holder With Flowers

For those who have houseplants, I have a special treat for them. Recently I have a new idea for them. It refers to a wonderful DIY DIY Budding Flower Vase with Hearts from Hermannluzen. I was converted from a flower […]