For those who have houseplants, I have a special treat for them. Recently I have a new idea for them. It refers to a wonderful DIY DIY Budding Flower Vase with Hearts from Hermannluzen. I was converted from a flower pot into a nice decorative vase, based on the diagram showing how to make a traditional flower pot. For this purpose I purchased some small glass vases, acrylic paint, glue and a few stems from a normal pot.

Taking the center of each vase, glue them one to the bottom and one to the top of the vases. If you use different height vases, you need to cut them slightly longer than the cylinder. At the end glue the flower pots into the vases one by one. If not, use water to flatten them. To make flowers smaller, cut them into half and glue them to the vases one by one. If not you can use glue and cut out decorative leaves from colored paper, then paint them in different bright colors.

Now your vases are ready and you can put a small flower in each vase, or you can even use them as houseplants which will bring color to your house.{found on flickr}.

Diy Candlestick Holder With Flowers Photo 3