If you’re lucky enough to have a yard and you like taking advantage of it, you’re probably familiar with all the spring flowers and other decorations. They make wonderful decorations for the garden and they can also be used outdoors. But let’s first talk about the front door. Simple, traditional front doors are simply made of a few wood planks arranged in an odd shape. You can either leave them like that or paint them and give them a fresh look.{found on site}.

Pine cone front door.

If you want you can also use pine cones to make a nice front door. You can paint the cones in cheerful colors and make them stand out. If you spray paint them you can use any color you want. It’s very simple and it only takes a few minutes.{found on site}.

Yard Statue Decoration Photo 4

Front door mint green.

For this beautiful decoration you’ll need a total of 20 planters or green pottery scraps, green raspa silk, ribbon or string, scissors, white beads, white rosettes, hot glue and tulle. Cut the scraps in small pieces and wedges and then put them together. After that, start making the raspa silk ties.{found on freshhomeideas}.

Front door must be cheerful.

If you want a front door that’s truly inviting and pleasant for your guests, then try to think like a child. Start by painting the front door a green color. Let it dry and then make it look like a stone garden.{found on hwtm}.

Stair risers.

The staircase is a very beautiful feature in any home. All you need is the stairs and a little creativity. For example, you can turn a metal stair into a beautiful front door riser. You just need to paint the stairs and the boards and then simply install them in the corner of your house.{found on homemade-modern}.

Front door playfully.

If you’re the type that enjoys playing board games on the computer or just look for something to do, then have a fun project for your kids: a chalkboard door. It would be like a miniature clubhouse for your kids. Get a chalkboard and some interior planters and get to work.{found on hgtv}.

Chalkboard bedroom door.

This is another fun project and it’s also something that you can do yourself. First get your bed. Make sure it’s secure. Add some colors to the room and get creative. Don’t forget the chalkboard paint. Get creative and you’ll see how fun this whole process can be.{found on homemade}.

Chalkboard closet doors.

If you don’t mind giving the closet a makeover, you can opt for chalkboard doors. This is another wonderful project which lets you personalize your home and make it feel more fun and unique. Paint the doors, wrap the boards and watch how fun and unique the results will be.{found on hgtv}.