The tree toppers come in a natural color, but this next one is a touch different from the standard choices. Designed by Lolli Moorhappar, the Tusk Tree Topper featured in the picture is part of a “Tree Topper Sculpture” collection that focuses on animated indoor trees.

The artist explains: “I wanted to use the sculpture as a basic inspiration for a young artist’s home. She does not find art in a home without details, and I thought the tree toppers could sit as a gadget in her home.” The maker and artist says that the inspiration for the completed works was the sphere and fruit tree at the base of the tree, used to make the sculpture.

Each topper is made of hand-blown glass painted white and there is a selection of vibrant colors to choose from, starting with the black and yellow with a warm glow, continuing with the blue, green and pink tones, or last but certainly top, the dramatic purple, lavender gray, azure green or bronze.

Unique Tree Toppers By Lolli Moorhappar Photo 4

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