Despite the fact that books are an essential part of our daily life, they tend to be relegated to a separate, more casual place in the home. With the passage of time, we are losing the ability to enjoy meaningful books, which is slowly losing its hold. If your living room were to be relegated to the dark, dingy corners, candles would feel rather cold, and other darker colors would bring in a little added black immediately. Why not make a bold statement in the living room with a bookshelf that matches your other decorative items?

As we mentioned before, the living room is a great place to decorate with warm tones; the two go hand-in-hand with the family photos, vases and art objects . This means that you can bring in a part of the artwork that you like and display it , too. Here are a few ideas of items that you can use to decorate and accentuate the room.

Although I prefer neutral colors, I have to admit that this living room turned out quite beautiful. It creates a bright space thanks to the nice ceiling lighting and the large windows letting in the sunlight. It makes sense to use white accessories to create an elegant backdrop without losing style.

This living room is a little bit different and special among the rest of the ones; once again it’s the beautifully chosen decorative object that catches our attention and brings in a bit of color. Probably the most obvious thing that draws the attention is the lovely little sofa placed in the middle of the room, with a bold pattern and white trousers.

Bookcase Decor: DIY Projects And Ideas From The Market Photo 4

This decorative object sitting on the floor holds a white fragile new lamp. The white table cloth matches perfectly the color of the rest of the furniture.

This last set of 3 white fraggers stands out over the coffee table. It complements beautifully the dark grey couch and the black velvet armchair.

One thing I’m particularly interested in is the artistic arrangement on the carpet. It surely can not compete with a holman’s or a villa’s artistic window panes.

Do you come back to your beautiful living room after a long day and feel like you missed anything?{found on apartmenttherapy}.