I am not a Halloween fan, but every year I get bored of the tricks and the costumes of the holiday and I start to look for something different. And I do not intentionally choose the decorations for the home, but I simply like interesting home decorations. Look no further, because pumpkins are indeed made for the home. Like a pumpkin carving kit with a wonderful decorative effect, the pumpkins are available in many shapes and sizes, and can also be in printed with special designs, such as the ones below.

These are actually some paintings of pumpkins by Lucio Fontana, a famous Italian artist known for his abstract works that include densely painted landscapes. The pumpkin paintings are something worth seeing in malls, in modern homes or in the galleries. But just because it is painted by someone you trust doesn’t mean it is by God. If you are persistent enough you can even find within a supermarket if you are lucky enough to find one good deal. And you can choose both for the price of £7.85.

Pumpkin Painted House Photo 3