Do you ever wonder how to bring the breathtaking vistas into your home – full of gardens, towering trees and green pastures – while still maintaining privacy? I’m pretty sure I haven’t ?t read this post yet! With so many lush green trees needing my attention, I decided to take matters into my own hands and check out some of the latest tricks in growing healthy and beautiful plants outside. Since it’s spring, I decided to focus on privacy and arranged my indoor garden in natural light. Also, if you’re curious about other plant ideas, this post is for you! Check out the ideas below, then head to the place to see them come to life…

1. Vertical Sugbim

Garden Window Ideas To Bring The Outdoors In Photo 2

Our first ideas are for you. No, that’s not a typo. Vertical planters are making a huge comeback because they are low-maintenance and provide plenty of opportunity for adding beauty to your outdoor space. Their clean lines and modern appeal make them a great option for modern patios and decks. Learn more about them at Sean Durell Gallery.

Even a smaller plant can make a big difference. The boxwood creeping hardscapes presented above blend beautifully with the greenery just outside the window. If you’re not sure about your plants, you can always purchase cuttings or leaf cutouts, to make your arrangements a bit more unusual.

2. Succulents

If you’re going for a low-maintenance room, succulents are the perfect room to put succulents in. They have a unique way of adding character and a variety of desirable traits. You can get them from the green aisle. Visit Heretopperown for more information.

3. Drilling Holly

Drilling Holly is one of the more unique ideas on our list. You can purchase this planter from Etsy. It can either be used as a planter or decorated simply as a hanging system. Either way, it will bring a dose of summer (or not) to your outdoor space.

4. Seating

If you’re looking for something different and unique, why not take a look at this lovely outdoor seating we found hanging around in the backyard of a friend’s house. It makes for a more artistic spot to enjoy on those crisp April evenings. Go ahead and purchase one of the smaller planters if you want to make something a bit larger.

5. Dried Plants

And if you’re up for a DIY project, try bringing nature indoors with a few freshly cut greens. Try using a variety of dried plants of different heights and textures. You can always buy pre-made arrangements if you’re having trouble deciding.

6. Pallet Art

7. Candy-like Accent

8. Dollar Tree Art

9. Tile Art

10. Driftwood Art

And finally, there’s Art of the sea that is painted in driftwood – a very artistic way to decorate your home with some accent style. Even the slightest hint can bring a sense of surprise to your walls.