Koreahaber has released three collections of black pots, representing one of the brands of Korea in the United States. These three pots are the “Masa” ceramic pot, the “Taco” ceramic pot and the “Scoff” ceramic pot. In each case the product is hand-crafted to match the natural colors of the wood grain and grain colors corresponding to the style of the environment. Moreover, each piece is painted by hand and this means unique variations are created.

The four pots are only made to look like animals. They can be used as unique markers for the baby’s room, friend’s rooms, etc. Because of the minimalistic design and flat design, these baby pots are wonderful for the nursery room or for the friend’s room. They can be successfully used to personalize the rooms or spaces devoted to friends and family. As a result, they are perfect for all the areas children might be able to use.

William Sonoma Pots By Koreahaber Photo 2

William Sonoma Pots By Koreahaber Photo 4