If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom then you probably also have other rooms that could use a shower but you haven’t thought about them until now. So here’s a secret: You can easily cram a shower into that room. You just have to make sure it’s an actual room and to try to make it as small as possible. Today we’re going to focus on the bathroom and we’re going to explore a few design ideas for that.

You could have a tub in there or at least a shower cabin. This way you’ll be able to concentrate better and you’ll be able to have a soothing bath. The shower cabin could also have a lip that will protect against the water and this will make the tub stand out more. But having a tub inside the bathroom is not a very good idea. The roof could collapse and the water would ruin your bathroom.

If you’ve already decided that a tub in the bathroom is not the best choice for the bathroom, then you could try to personalize your bathroom somehow. For example, have the tub mounted on the wall, in the corner, high on the wall, etc. even though it’s still out of the corner.

Steam Shower Ideas To Optimize Your Bathroom Photo 3

The shape and size are important in this case. The tub will fit perfectly in that little space under the wall. But you have to be extra careful because it can easily be hurt. The reason for that is the fact that you don’t want the water to get on the walls and you don’t want it to get on the ceiling either.

Even though you have a tub in your bathroom, the fixtures can’t be compared with anything else. We’re not even going to mention the little things. Lord knows how important it is to feel comfortable in there because you never know how many times you’ll need to take a bath and there’s no way of stopping it. Also, tampos are not fun if you’re afraid of bugs and now that bath tubs with built-in screens are a thing of the past.

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