This is the ever-popular beauty known as the Colorado ranch house. It’s located in the eastern part of Denver, Colorado and it has a design that really makes it stand out. There’s a purpose that the Colorado ranch style home has and it has been fulfilled faithfully throughout, including in this case.

The exterior of this ranch house is very simple, especially when compared to other similar structures. Its white walls and floors are a neutral and simple color. The exterior is actually an extension of the indoor living area, a functional space combined with covered patios and beautiful gardens. There’s a very nice balance between the cold winter outside and the colorful summer inside.The interior of the ranch includes a beautiful fireplace, a storage area and a large kitchen island that can be used as a bar.

There’s also an inviting living room, a small dining room and a very nice library. It has bookcases, built-in chic lighting and chic furniture throughout. the library features a cozy reading corner. A lovely kitchen offers the perfect combination of textures and designs. It’s what you would call a vacation home, a place where you can relax and enjoy the weather. There’s also an outdoor shower just above that. The interior of the ranch is modern and very beautiful. It has a combination of white and wood, classic accents and a very pleasant atmosphere.{found on houzz}.

Modern Ranch House In Colorado Photo 3