This is a modular shelving system. It’s composed of block modules. The modules have different shapes and sizes. This allows you to use them separately or with groups. This way you can create your own design that suits your space. You can create a system that includes 10 blocks of wood or 100 blocks. Later you can add more if you want to.

Also, if you want to make a platform or a shelf, these modules are very easy to add and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Also, you can use this system as a storage space for books or other items. A similar system is also available and it too includes 10 blocks of wood or 100 blocks of wood. Clavel is the name of this structure. It’s made of wood pallets with the pallets having several broken pieces where screws or nails could fit into.

It’s an adaptable shelving system. You can modify it according to your needs. You can add more shelves if you need more storage space or if you want to create a more spacious look. You can use the modules like puzzle pieces or create a custom unit. You can also make this shelves in the kitchen, in the dining room or bathroom where you can use them for the sake of having a place to store small items.

Kitchen Shelving System Photo 4