I love the look of fresh flowers, especially if it is in a finger-sized version. I also love the idea of making a faux plant. If you do not have any petalli or if you do not have the time to cut the substrate for a faux plant, you can try and make a beautiful little arrangement of faux plants or other climbing plants for the yard.Take a cue from these pictures and remember a few important steps before you start:First you need to determine the size of the arrangement you would like to create. Then decide on the spring flowers you would like to use, their time of effect, weight, size and also their season. Of course you need to fertilize them and care for them, so do not forget about the climbing plants as well.

Hanging Planter Ideas

You may think that a hanging planter is merely a decoration for your walls. They can be real help for getting rid of all that dirt and the flowerbed that always refuses to stick to one wall!

Fake Poinsettias By Kelly Mars Photo 3

So if you really want to hang your plants try finding a nice place to hang it “naturally”. Moreover you should consider using both metallic and plastic containers that will keep both the air and water trapped in and will not hurt any plants.

Fake Poinsettias By Kelly Mars Photo 4

Another great idea is to use other gathering spots around your house. Such spots can be places like corners, rooftops, under the stairs or find their way under the eaves. Under the open floor plans are great for hanging plants and other plants you might have in the basement. They will become “borrow” spots of colour and originality.

The spot of colour that will fit perfectly to your interior and the wonderful way that the plants will bring light and colour will be complete. If you are worried about the seating being in range you can purchase a nice cozy rocking chair (with a wood or glass seat) that will make the placement of the arrangement so easy and you will hardly need help locating the plants you want.

Finally the finishing touch is to add the finishing touch: the finishing aesthetic. As the well-known fact is that plants love shade and therefore you should make sure it is no rain but also takes shelter in the ground. The best way to do this is by placing a small umbrella in the ground with potting loose in it. Of course you can also do it indoors if you are afraid of the sun or the rain.