Considering the bed that must be the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, the rest should be focusing on the other pieces, like the dresser, the nightstand or the wardrobe. Each of these elements should have its own place in the bedroom. Since they have to be placed in a particular place, they usually have to be large. Also, the bed needs to be large enough to allow you to place it by your side in the morning and to allow you to comfortably and safely sleep on it. Square bed or platform bed are the most common options. However, other options are also available.

This collection offers assorted designs and special pieces that can be adapted and reinterpreted by the user. The unit it composed of various seating units with benches and drawers with adjustable height. The benches can be used individually or they can form a matching set. The unit as a whole is modern and stylish. It has a fluid and continuous design and it offers a high level of comfort. It’s also versatile and the collection is suitable for a variety of different bedroom designs.