Window treatments can reveal the beauty of your house, even if the window itself is just having a sliver of glass or maybe that’s too harsh on the eyes. Garden window treatments allow you to enjoy the beautiful décor from inside the house as well as outside. They allow you to enjoy the natural light and fresh air, even when it’s cloudy. In case you missed it, we’re prepared some examples for you.

The window right next to the staircase, for example, is completely covered in glass. It allows light to get inside and it creates a strong connection with the outdoor surroundings. In addition, the window is a strategic option when it comes to exposing the house’s beautiful architecture.

glass is a suitable material for facing the cold winter winds outside. This way the beautiful landscape will be being admired from the bedroom but wouldn’t block the light and the views from the living area.

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This beautiful glass porch faces onto the backyard but still has enough room in there for a small table and a chair. The glass door is the only barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Here’s a similar type of front door. This one connects the kitchen and dining area with the garden and the views. It’s actually a very simple door, made of wood and with no street-like look.

When it comes to glass doors, everybody likes to see the way in which they can protect the privacy. It’s why this contemporary home in Vancouver seems to be unrecognizable in spite of its glass walls and large windows.

Sometimes we feel that a certain design details, whatever their function, can have the opposite effect of a good one. A nice example is this house in Torquay, Australia which looks pretty conventional from the outside but gets astonishing views from the back.

The simple, clean and simple design of the house and its glass walls only make it feel more inviting and cozy, especially considering that this is a vacation house. We love the way the wood complements the glass, creating a balanced design.

The exterior of this house is just as simple as it is the interior. The ground floor has floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the ocean and having breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Like most contemporary residences, this one also has a row of sliding glass doors that connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the living area and the rest of the house to become one large space.

The glass walls and doors match the frame of the house and this makes them feel like a natural extension of the interior living spaces.

When the glass doors are open, this house has an uninterrupted view of the ocean. It’s one of the most amazing and clever use of glass for similar purposes.