The idea behind the design and the project renderedby the architects at Alberto Gonzalez Arquitectos is very simple, Well, let’s see what we mean by that.

At first sight, the house appears to be floating which is due to the shape of the roof and the way the levels conjoin and do not connect as they come closer together, from one part of the house to another. As you go up the stairs the house begins to separate itself from the rest of the property.

Kitchen Designs Nycaldarquitectura Photo 2

The roof of the kitchen may be the most eye catching part of it, as it follows the curved shape of the roof and is naked from without, but as you reach the second floor all the appliances begin to look like houses. This house is an unique home in that part of the world, as it is built in a small place, near the airport, and the general concept of the design is to create a house that is far away from anything and from the airport: this house is like an Alien living in the middle of nature, and shares the space between the two cities of Los Angeles and LA.