We’re usually drawn to modern-industrial designs and we find them very interesting. However, we find them unixeursarily because of their impracticality and the fact that they seem to lack any respect or character and therefore they become instantly romantic. It’s why we looked for a few home offices that are anything but ordinary.

The first location that comes to mind is in Chinatown, in the upper floors of a multi-unit residential building in Melbourne. The internal environment in each unit is based on a strict geometric plan that doesn’t really allow it to become diffuse and open. This resulted in a design where each floor is a unique geometric shape and they are all very randomly oriented.

Another interesting location for an office is an urban bank vault located near the Australian Banking Centre in downtown Johannesburg. If you want to take advantage of the views and the beautiful landscape then you should rent one of these unusual spaces.

In the basement of a bank building in downtown Doncaster, Australia, you can find the Cube House, a structure that occupies an area of only 60 square meters. It’s a very unusual project for a private residence but, even so, it feels very cozy and inviting.

The Cube House was a project by Hilberink Bosch Architects. It has a geometric design and a very simple and strong outline. The internal spaces are organized on multiple levels and they each have its own character. The ground floor is a gallery where the owners display their many collections.

A very important aspect related to this project is the fact that the structure occupies almost an entire wall. No matter where you choose to place it, the structure occupies almost the entire space. In addition, it incorporates eight skylights.

There are numerous exterior spaces including terraces and decks that serve as gallery spaces, allowing the inhabitants to admire the views of the distant landscape. A rooftop shower was also included in the project.

The exterior was built using concrete and wood, two contrasting and cold materials with special textures and colors. The ground floor is a gallery space where the owners display their collections. It’s a large space with glass walls that also has access to the garden.

The basement was an art gallery. It includes a large wine storage room, a fitness area and a library with a small wooden deck and wooden ceiling supports. The bottom level contains the guest rooms. It has an open kitchen and a dining area and it features an open terrace.

The architecture of the residence is unusual and it definitely stands out, but it’s also simple and natural. The contrasting façade lets you see through the house even when it’s closed. It’s a way of attracting attention but also a practical aspect. The key to an eye-catching design is to use geometry and to use strong contrasts in a stylish and natural way.{found on architezer}.