This is a house built on a plot measuring 30 sqm. It’s located in a public park in Barcelona, Spain and it offers wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. The house was designed by architect Carles Enrich who had to face one challenge while building it. It was a difficult project because of the steep slope and the topography of the land.

The house was built on pillars stacked on top of each other like a puzzle. It seems like a very peaceful and tranquil place where you can relax and admire the views, not to mention that the proximity to the park makes it even more wonderful. The architects managed to offer their clients a wonderful house that perfectly blends into the landscape. It has a simple design as expected. The interior is functionally divided into three volumes.

30sqm To Sqft House In Public Park In Barcelona Photo 2

The first one includes the entrance, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom and the second one is the main area. The third volume is situated in the fourth volume. This one contains the master bedroom along with its bathroom, the dressing, the bathroom and the study. The first floor also has a terrace. In total, the house covers an area of 81 square meters.

30sqm To Sqft House In Public Park In Barcelona Photo 4

It’s a small house but it’s perfect for the owners. It might not be huge but it’s very beautifully organized and it benefits from a wonderful location with amazing views. The renovation of the house was completed in 2011. Platt Architecture didn’t try to fix a full refund but they took care of the owners’ every need.

The house has small rooms but they’re surprisingly spacious. The total floor area of the house is around 250 sqm. The rooms are separated by curtains and shelves so each owner can decide what they want to do next.{found on archdaily and pics by huisphotos}