This particular house has a perfect design and structure, with a simple and clean architecture. It’s located in San Isidro, Riviera Maya, Mexico, and it was designed and built by mf+arquitectos, part of a project meant to help the students of the University of Las Palmas de Chapaes, Lomas de Chapaes, a regional university in Lomas de Chapaés, a small town in the municipality of La Guacolonese, Minas Gerais, Aguea, Osa Peninsula and Kelvinis, a famous region in the southern Caribbean Sea, in Costa d’Orvo, Maxico.

The house occupies a site of approximately 100 square meters and it was designed as a spacious single-family residence. The general change of level and the placement of the rooms on different levels allowed the creation of three fully independent volumes that share a common space. The first floor is a guest area that can be easily accessed from the street, while the street side area can be entered via a ramp from the front door. The overall design of the residence is simple and contemporary, with few architectural and decorative elements.

Concrete Ceilings From Mf+arquitectos Photo 2

The entrance is reached through a staircase between which the solid oak wood floor and the glass railing of the upper level holds the secret of the unconventional shape of the structure. The materials chosen are meant to be natural and to complement each other. The staircase that connects the three floors is made of iron, wood and marble and has a series of open steps and zones that allow access to the different areas.

The ground floor is occupied by the kitchen, the dining room, a lounge area and the living which include: the entrance hall, the dining room, the service area as well as the outdoor terrace and sun room. The third floor is the terrace area and has an open bay and views of the cedade and the library.

Concrete Ceilings From Mf+arquitectos Photo 4

All areas benefit from natural light and have good connections to the exterior. They also all have a long and rectangular landscape with moderate changes in level in order to adapt to the different levels of the house. The entire project is characterized by simplicity and great attention to detail and good choices of materials and colors that create a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere.