Rustic elements add a touch of organic beauty and natural goodness to any décor. Whether it’s a small accent wall, a few board shelves, or even a whole house in wood, these elements are sure to add a special touch to your home. Here are a few rustic wood decorating ideas to collect and inspire you.

1. Painted Wood Surfaces.

Surprisingly, you can do a lot with painted wood. Painted wood surrounds a room or kitchen in a more rustic, organic way, which is perfect in the kitchen area. You don’t have to cover up the entire kitchen, just to dress it up a bit.

2. Chunky Wooden Cutting Boards.

Utilize wood cutting board as a makeshift cutting block. Just because you don’t have a heavy impact wood cutting board or broom doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your cutting boards.

3. Pinterest Board Wood Circle.

If you’re up for creating some circulation around your house, take some inspiration from this fun and creative way of decorating your home’s dining area. You can pin names, show who’s too lost, or just have a fun time creating one-of-a-kind little collage.

4. Woven Wicker Baskets.

Grab some woven baskets for your tables or desks. Then, stuff them with all your home injuries, from furniture to flooring or artwork.

5. Chalkboard Labels.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for all the labels your bathroom and medical rooms need. Just take off the blue and white, slip it on the wall and write your notes, doctor’s appointments or anything else you find making your house so much better.

6. Hook em’.

Grab a colorful, tag, or just plain ugly waterproof holster and create a charming “home” sign! It’ll be perfect for your bathroom shower!

7. Leafy Plants.

Grab a plant or two and use them to decorate. Organize the planters or go by them alone and create a accent that’s perfect for the bathroom!

8. Simple Place Mats.

Maybe you have a place where you have no place to put all of your clothes? Well, create a wall full of these simple place mats in the hallway. It’ll be like having a quality piece of wall art for just a fraction of the price of a million studio apartment.

9. Pocket Organizer Racks.

Find the right drawer, from the hardware store, and you’ve got a perfect place to store your handbags! It’ll be the deal breaker and the perfect addition to your bathroom that will have you through until next Halloween.

10. Marquetry Face.

Use your meetallnook storage system to face your clothes and make this area a little more functional and fashionable. Organize the tops of the dresses, tops of the bras and even the tops of the suitcases!