When a talented couple realized that an old, discarded building they had built themselves nearly 30 years ago, they decided to turn it into a modern home.

The 10,000 square-foot three-story structure now serves as the home of the owners, architect Carlos Balamand, head of the architectural firmando tudor architects.

The building was renovated and redesigned in 2014 and now features a modern interior with a wide variety of spaces that allow for a variety of ways to be enjoyed.

Ando Tadao Arquitectos Transform An Old Downtown Building Into A Modern House Photo 3

In its new form, the house is divided into two different levels.

The first level is surrounded by a vast open space southwest of the front house that can be fully opened to the exterior, allowing for access to all of the common areas and large garden.

The dining room can also be fully opened, with a large adjacent space adjacent to it that can serve as a children’s room, thanks to the sliding glass doors.

At night, the garden comes to light and sheds a unique pattern on the surroundings during the day, giving the building a very unique look and adding an industrial touch.