Just like their interior, the exterior of the home is often the focal point of the house and all eyes will be carefully scrutinized upon this unique exterior. Every home is different and unique so when you are looking for particular ideas and decorating details consider the materials, colors and textures used.

This stunning home in Belgium has a simple, functional and elegant exterior. The accent detail is represented by the clever use of landscaping and a sloped roof-top deck. And since the rest of the structure is built of wood, the focus towards this part has been to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

2016 Home Trends In Exterior Architectural Details Photo 2

This house in Finland has been designed by Edo Studio and is really interesting because of its contrasting exterior. The facade is quite simple and neutral and this allows the wooden interior to contrast further with its cold exterior. The roof has also been rampart and it hows nicely with the wooden exterior that surrounds it.

In this case, contrast has been chosen. An industrial-style railing was built along the streetscape. The railing curves and gives the house a dynamic look. Also, the helical staircase and staircase are very interesting. They have a simple but strong and sculptural look and they stand out beautifully in the gray neighborhood.

Another interesting detail is the fact that this street facade is covered in artificial turf. It gives the house a more dynamic and unique look, making it perfect for the area where it’s located. The framing is made of wood and has a strong visual impact.

In the case of this modern residence in London, the whole facade of the house is colored in black and gray. This includes the large windows and the roof, the side facades and the interior. The window frames have been colored white which creates a nice balance.

A lovely way to make a house blend in is by using the colors and finishes previously used in other houses. A nice example is this rustic home in Slovenia. It has a red facade and matching shutters and this makes it stand out by contrasting with the white exterior and the rest of the houses in the area.

In the case of this residence in Beijing it’s not exactly a dark color either. The house is located along a green area and has been designed in such a way that it stands out while also creating a connection with the exterior. It has a low-hanging roof, dry-stacked brick walls and green lawn edging.

It can be difficult to separate the exterior from the interior but sometimes it can be done by using different materials, glass for example. This porch has a steel frame and an overall simple and sleek look. It has been decorated with plants that match the theme and the decor and to enhance the texture and natural beauty of the material.

Pink is one of the colors of choice in the case of this house’s exterior design. It’s a color that has been emphasized throughout the exterior by Andersson Wise Architects and it can be seen in the shape of the garage which has been divided into two sections.