Wood is not used as much lately as in the past, especially when it comes to flooring. However, this doesn’t mean that the old and traditional decorations like pine cones, tree branches or wooden floors don’t still exist. In fact, they’ve definitely found their place and they now have a new use.

A great example would be this collection of wood ornamented doors. They have been created by Mork-Ulnes who wanted to create a natural antidote to the stimulant drugs and which were probably responsible for the dull simplicity of the originals. The collection features three doors and they’re all made from wood from a series of reclaimed trees. Each piece was cut from a single trunk and then glued and screwed to a stable base. The doors then feature strips of natural gray rubber wood that look very similar to the bark from the trees.

A similar collection of sliding doors was also designed by Gregoryn Dunmore. Each ornament has a sheet of wooden material glued to the hinges and screwed in place and this only makes each door unique. The only difference is that they are sliding draperies only and they have a dynamic look, especially considering the tassel on each door.

All the ornament ideas presented here share in common the fact that they can be used to create a classical or traditional interior décor or to transmit a message of choice to the target. But they also tell a more modern story and they make you think of the great libraries and stores where you can find all sorts of treasures and messages. So choose your favorite and make your home more beautiful and attractive.