Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Ikea Bedrooms Furniture Collection

Kids are always attracted by colors. For example, one of the most attractive colors is yellow. It’s the symbol of summer and it’s one of the colors children usually like to see. It’s why a particular collection has been created […]

Oriental Decorations Made From Wood

Wood is not used as much lately as in the past, especially when it comes to flooring. However, this doesn’t mean that the old and traditional decorations like pine cones, tree branches or wooden floors don’t still exist. In fact, […]

Dark Blue Bedroom Furniture Collection

People have always been fascinated by colors. They just like to stain their clothes, to paint them, to design new items and especially to combine them with the most abstinent materials. So they try to surround themselves by everything that […]

Diy Nightstands From Ikea

I really like the nightstands from Ikea, mainly because they are so functional and the little details really make them stand out. I especially like the square nightstands because they fit perfectly in the corner. I also like the mirrored […]

Teal Drawer Knobs By Loodi

These lovely drawer knobs by Italian designer Loveli are perfect for any home or office! The color combinations speak for themselves. The dots at the bottom are particularly retro-looking. You could probably even use that term loosely – it’s a […]

Corner Drawers By ZZ-C

The Corner Drawers by ZZ-C are a perfect example of how a simple idea can convert an old structure into something modern and up-to-date. They are made of an exposed plywood core and plywood body that is coated in polyurethane. […]