Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Sofa Pits By Andrea Mars

Designed by Andrea Mars, the Pit sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture that help us save space and to conceal all the furniture pieces that don’t fit properly in our homes. We need more and more furniture […]

Murphy Couch From Egean

I envy the British people for their great design and culture. They are so well known for being different and for different things , among which blankets, dishes, glasses, tables and chairs. For example their homes are so well arranged […]

Corner Drawers By ZZ-C

The Corner Drawers by ZZ-C are a perfect example of how a simple idea can convert an old structure into something modern and up-to-date. They are made of an exposed plywood core and plywood body that is coated in polyurethane. […]

Tree Coat Hanger And Shelf

There are a lot of things that you would rather keep in your home than out of sight. Usually you opt for wall-mounted shelves or hiding places but there are also other options that are even more eye-catching. For example, […]