This contemporary treehouse is located in the Walden River Valley in Boulder, Colorado. It’s a 2,800 square foot structure that was designed and built by architect and artist Michael P. Johnson. It’s a combination between a tree house and a vineyard. The design chosen for the residence and garden includes a cantilevered roof and a series of curved walls that offer the inhabitants a sense of privacy while also protecting them from everything nature has to offer.

The house sits among a series of historic landmark, including the Marble Mountain Cabin, the Rosebush Cabin, the Martha’s Vineyard Cabin, the Thomas Rivers Cabins, the Cement House, the Hennessy Cabin, the Chefs’ Cabin, the Statue of Liberty and several others. The design chosen for the residence shows that even though this is a home there’s no reason to not try to make the most of this site by adapting innovative design features and adapt a modern approach.

The house has a steel frame that’s meant to withstand everything the environment throws at it. It’s also made of structural insulated panels or SIPs which are low-tech and very efficient at heating the interior. The exterior walls are clad in salvaged oak which gives the house a unique texture and a very organic look.