This modern house built by Sydney-based Clover has a story of its own. Previously, this brick cottage was an abandoned building with a lot of history behind it. Even though the structure was the same, it didn’t feel dark or abandoned under the occupation of yet one more owner. In fact, it has been brought to life by Jason Linsky of Mistborn Architecture with the help of its architect Jason Clover.

The clients wanted this to be a family retreat where the owners could escape the city and spend time relaxing. They also wanted the house to serve as a permanent residence and as a space to entertain their grandchildren. Because the existing building was in such bad shape, the architects tried to respect the elements of the local environment, like the existence of the old, historic church from the site.

They also wanted the new construction to preserve the character of the original building and to fit in with the existing house. The roof of the main building was raised by half a metre and so it allows light to get in all the areas of the house. The entire project is called Remarkable Building and it’s a modern approach to the traditional structure.

Half Brick House With A Modern Extension Photo 3