Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Small Entryway Renovation By James & Mau

Deciding to renovate a small entryway is always exciting because it’s a way to make a big change. This particular entry was designed for a young couple of friends and it had to reflect their individual interests and preferences in […]

Oringe Home In Walnut Wood And Concrete

Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, this cozy and inviting home is a versatile space with expansive outdoor areas. It was a project by Mohn + Schartner Architects and it was designed for an elderly couple. The clients wanted this place […]

Grey Home By Jorge Herrera

This contemporary home by Jorge Herrera was created from a renovated warehouse in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires, with the intention of preserving the character of the existing building and adding a few new windows. The residence is a blend of […]

Barnwood Ideas For Your Winter Home

Not a lot of people love the winter season because it starts early and it ends early, too. But everybody likes to enjoy the beautiful periods of the year when they can go camping and enjoy some snow and also […]

Outside Door Paint Ideas

When you are invited to get some water from a friend, you would like to present him with a pack of gorgeous scented candles. A lovely candle is the finishing touch to your design project and if there is no […]

Modern Exterior Shutters For Cool Modern Homes

Modern exterior shutters have a very interesting look. They are mostly decorative and they feature circular patterns similar to those seen on the rooftops of some buildings. This makes them somewhat unique but they also feature their main purpose. The […]

Diy Paintings For Your Home

There are lots of different types of paintings to choose from for your home. You can even find very good ones at auction. The paintings are usually accompanied by other decorations such as pictures, candles, etc. but if you are […]