Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, this cozy and inviting home is a versatile space with expansive outdoor areas. It was a project by Mohn + Schartner Architects and it was designed for an elderly couple. The clients wanted this place to be the perfect retreat, a place the clients would be able to enjoy for years to come and to become more attached to nature.

The architects designed the house with a rather simple layout. It had to be compact and deep-soaked but it also needed to make room for two bedrooms and an additional bathroom. The challenge was unusual but the architects had a solution for it. They designed a wooden box-like structure that connects the entrance to the kitchen.

Oringe Home In Walnut Wood And Concrete Photo 2

It features clerestory windows and it also has a spacious roof terrace that can be accessed via a staircase. This area serves as an extension for the kitchen on one side of the glass structure. It’s a place for socializing and spending time with friends. The views from there are wonderful and the terrace has a open roof design which offers it lots of fresh air and natural light during the day.