If you’re looking for a unique way of decorating your home, then we found the perfect one for you. Originally it’s very simple, with a bold colors and a very simple and common design. It’s the kind of painting you can make by yourself. You can choose to intensify the colors, or to diminish them. Also, you can folded the lines that create the pattern and this way it will be even more obvious and easy to reproduce.

To make a similar painting you first have to find some photos that you like. Then you have to cut them into segments and to make sure they agree with each other. You have to roll the photo into a ball and then fold it into a rectangle that will be the top of the painting. Trace the center of the oval and a mark where you want the painting to be. Then cut along the lines and create a symmetrical arrangement. Next, you have to adhere this painting to the wall making sure to avoid scratches. At the end you can scratch or replace the painting if you want.{found on houseofheeks}.