Located on the Northern Beaches strip in Sydney, Australia, this building is a very interesting addition to the historic community. It’s a contemporary structure with a minimalist design and a small footprint. It was a project by Wing Macro Design and it has been recently completed. The interior of the house is very simple. It features a central concrete core that contains the main stair. Then there’s also a series of tree trunk rest in the courtyard that also provide privacy and comfort.

The interior is functionally divided. At the entrance there’s a small hall offering access to all the rooms of the house. On the ground floor there’s a living room that can be easily sued as an office or living room. It has large windows providing panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The basement can be accessed via a staircase and it contains the utility rooms. Above the ground floor there’s a bedroom suite with its own bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. The basement is also claimed by the cellar and the garage.

Patio Brick House In Sydney Photo 3

The residence is actually suited for a family of three. It has three master suites plus a kid’s room with a big locker. It’s a large family home and it has been previously renovated. There’s also an additional living and entertainment areas outside.

Patio Brick House In Sydney Photo 4