You might have noticed that floating sinks are more and more popular these days. They are a very nice addition to the bathroom and they are loved by everyone. The reason for that is that they have a modern look and they are great features for any bathroom. They are available in numerous colors and they can make any bathroom look beautiful.

Floating sinks are great mainly because they have a minimalist design. They look modern but they also have a retro touch. This makes them beautiful regardless of the design or style. The floating sink gives you that feeling of floating in the air just like a tunnel. They are often used in contemporary homes, although the traditional style would be charming in most homes.

They usually also have a minimalist look and they are appreciated for the fact that they have an airy and simple design that would easily stand out in any décor. The fact that they are space saving and easy to maintain also makes them great for small bathrooms. Use one as a separator for the tub/shower and make your bathroom look spacious, chic and stylish.

Floating Sinks – A New Trend Photo 3

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