Every home needs a mirror in the bathroom because looks are important and if you have a mirror that really looks like this than quality of the bathroom is increased. Let’s say you take a mirror to the beach or seaside and you give it a great design. Mirror is the first thing you see in the bathroom, so it must be nice and attractive. Any way, I am sure you all agree that it looks great and the design is not going to be changed very soon, but it is always better to give up at once. And this mirror is even better looking because of the frame that is white and also the painted gold leaf that makes it an eye catching item in white.

I like old things and I like DIY things a lot, so I got an old mirror and I decorated it using spray paint. The leaf on the frame is added a bit to make it look a bit more original and romantic. It is properly called mirror and it is the perfect accessory to a bathroom.