I know that nowadays it’s trendy to include stainless steel appliances in everything. That made me think that the ceramic flooring should be the same and thankfully that’s ok as it is. Also, the bathroom is the perfect place where to use stainless steel. And since the bathroom is important by far, so is the kitchen. In one or two bedrooms it’s enough to have a nice countertop but in this case it would have to be completely different. And in that case stainless steel tiles will be even better choice.

A very simple and interesting design would be exactly what you need to make your home look modern and functional, where it is also fashionable. Today we’re going to present you a very beautiful selection of stainless steel tiles. It includes examples of several different types and colors. As you can see from the pictures, there are several options to choose from, so you can be creative and make your home look original.

The most common color choice for the stainless steel tiles is white. Of course, other colors would be even better. You could choose a more vibrant color if you are a little more cheerful or you could just opt for something simple and neutral. Otherwise, the stainless steel tiles would be very easy to match with anything else. This way you could be careful not to exaggerate.Available for 630$.

Also, if you’re worried about the dimensions of the bathroom you can also use the same methods for the kitchen. It’s not a critical step, but it’s a great way of decorating the room and of making it seem bigger and more airy. And since you’re doing that you might as well choose bold colors like yellow or purple.Available for 55$.

And if we’re talking about the bathroom, there are also other ways of using stainless steel tiles. Since they’re so durable and resistant they could basically be used anywhere. The bathroom, in this case, is minimalistic and a little more modern than the rest of the house. Still, the dimensions remain the same and so it’s not a difficult process to make it look stylish and inviting.Available for 430$.