Pink is one of the hottest colors because it has a very pure and delicate look that would make your baby girl happy and so chic. It’s also a color that is not very common in home decorating because it can be pretentious. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice for the nursery and we mean that. Because pink is a very bold color and also because of the fact that it’s a little more difficult to match into a décor when it’s not the main color, you might want to opt for something more neutral or light in color.

These examples are very beautifully pink and they show perfectly how delicate and beautiful this color can be. Some would say it’s a little too feminine, but I personally don’t think it’s her fault that the color makes a little girl happy. And who cares about the size.

Pink is a great color because you can paint anything pink you want on the walls and the rest of the house and the rest of the room will match. For example, take a look at the picture above the bed. The pink is very fresh and bright and it can be seen in white and black and it’s just what a bedroom needs to be happy.

Pink Nursery Decorating Photo 3

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color for the nursery paint color, try using this tone on both the walls and the floor. It’s a very chic combination, simple and elegant. The main color is white but there are also some pink elements, very subtle and delicate. The combination would look very beautiful in a girl’s nursery.

But if you prefer a more quiet color for the nursery then you can paint the ceiling and the walls pink and also add accent features in the form of a pink rug or maybe in a colorful area rug. This kind of a mix and matching of colors would be very fun for the kids and also very relaxing for you.

Pink Nursery Decorating Photo 5