If you’re a fan of sky, wind and beach, you’ll definitely love this creative garden house designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects. The standard plan for such unique place is shaped like a starry sky. Multiple windows spotlight the beautiful surroundings, rendering the house as a bright and eye-catching landmark. But nothing can compare with sky or beach for these elements so diverging opinions will definitely prevail.

These beautiful decorative house are situated in the corner of a grove of aspen trees, from where they can benefit from the gorgeous views of the coastline. Instead of building a standard structure, designer decided to create an alternative, this time around the sky, by opening the ground floor to the sunlight and merging it with the lawn.

The star within this house is a 13M x 5M structure that sits on a 2.5M x 3M site at the edge of a nature preserve. According to the architect, “the shape of the house subverts the normal boundaries of a house, as a single plane with irregular boundaries slips under the foliage of the native trees,” reports his statement.

The house is made of concrete, glass and wood, and offers a spacious allowance of natural light. Besides the glass walls that allow you to enjoy the beautiful views, another outstanding feature of this ingenious construction is the existence of a slide that opens the whole house to the incredible surroundings.