Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Halloween Lighting Effects By Pottery Barn

It’s Halloween time everyone! Today we’re shining the spotlight on a collection of Spooky outdoor Halloween lighting options, because it doesn’t hurt to go spooky too! Let’s get down to it. Why create a spooky trail leading up to your […]

Storage Staircase By Michael Young

When you’re running out of storage space, maybe it’s time to start looking at other ideas and inventive ones. There are tons of things that can be repurposed into storage. This very attractive storage staircase would be a perfect example. […]

Halloween Lighting Effects

It’s already Halloween, but there’s no need to plan any special projects for them until then. If you’re in the mood for some spooky or fun Halloween décor, you should definitely check out this whole project. It’s a really great […]

Creepy Lighting Fixtures By O2lion

The name of this lampshade might be a hint to the creepy nature of the design, but I’m sure nobody thought of this before! These two looking lampshades by o2lion are run of electricity by a process of heat treatment […]

Storage Staircase By Michael Miller

Managing to fit all the furniture in a small apartment can be especially difficult. It is particularly challenging in the case of the bedrooms. The furniture needs to be appropriately sized and the space that is available for placing it […]