Kids love bunk beds and most of all, sleepovers are almost everyday at bed. Most often, two beds are gathered together and the room is divided in two different way until the kids have exhausted all their energy and desire and want to get back to sleep. For those who still have two beds often, a third platform is necessary. The bunk beds designed for kids are available in a large variety of types, from single beds to double ones, from bunk beds to the secure bunk style which allows for the partitioning of the room instead of the actual building of the bunk itself.

The idea of having a bunk bed in the kids’ room is both smart and practical. After all, isn’t it cool to be able to get some good and comfy sleep? In addition, it’s fun to watch your kids play as they share a few awesome games and have lost their toys and clothes.

Also, a bunk bed in the kids’ room is something that they really should get. They need a space where they can play, relax or even fall asleep. The beds are usually not very large but there’s enough space for one to swim in bed. It would be a shame to waste this opportunity with a smaller bunk.

As for the décor, the colors are usually mostly neutral. This gives a calm and soothing atmosphere. It’s also a way of introducing the colors into the décor while also saving space. The espouse is very beautiful. I really like the way the colors and textures combine and the way they interact. A very nice example would be the kitchen which is almost entirely white.

Now let’s also take a look at some of the functional features of this bunk bed. It has a built-in desk and plenty of storage space. In addition to that, the bunk bed includes lots of storage, shelves and a set of beautiful wall decorations. The exposed beams have a very nice rustic look while the color palette is not as colorful but still fun and chic.

Bunk beds are great space-savers. They help free floor space for the kids and they can also be very practical as bunk beds also include plenty of storage. Overall, this is yet another great example of how bunk beds can be used in many different ways and possibly even all with a theme.