This two-storey basement home theater is located in Barcelona, Spain, on the first floor of an old building. The project includes a large suite, a large media room, a suspended volume with exposed beams, a corner large TV and a fireplace. The rooms are designed as private spaces that should offer quiet and reflection, and as comfortable and stylish spaces that should make you forget about the daily problems and troubles.

It is an open space that allows natural light to come in, and which has also brought together and joined together the living room with the dining room. All of this was achieved using a minimalist style withvelt furniture of dark wood.

The living room is accompanied by the beautiful fireplace that radiates warm light. Both the fireplace and the high TV mean that this space is perfect and invites us to relax and enjoy its wide and luminous space.

Basement Home Theaters Refurbishing In Barcelona Photo 3

The dining room has some beautiful black and red chairs that give life to an atmosphere full of relaxation. The office is separated from the living room by a glass wall that allows us to take a seat and see the beautiful and fresh outside view.

Basement Home Theaters Refurbishing In Barcelona Photo 4

The kitchen, small but comfortable and modern, is perfect and makes us forget about the fact that we are in an open space. The bathroom is colorful and modern, with modern fixtures and furniture and with an elegant white sink and an elegant mirror hanging above the sink.

At night, the home theater is an elegant and romantic place, with a huge screen and an elegant design, but, as we often see, it can be equally comfortable, if not even more.