This apartment is located in Madrid and it’s a complete knockout. It’s a very spacious apartment and it has both indoor and outdoor spaces. One of the most impressive architectural details is represented by the exposed brick walls. The brick walls are a trademark of the building and they are a trademark of the area. This is a shared space and it like a strong identity for the apartment.

The apartment is functionally divided. At the entrance there’s a large door that basically divides the two public spaces. At the reception, there’s a small door that can be easily opened to let you in. Then you reach the living room. It’s a spacious area with sofa and TV. The living room also includes a dining area and a kitchen. It’s a separate area designed specifically for this purpose.

Since it located on the ground floor, the apartment has plenty of natural light. Moreover, the whole apartment has natural wood floors, a feature that can be seen throughout the flat. The living room is spacious enough to accommodate a sofa and a desk. On the other side of the room there’s the dining area and the kitchen. Off the dining room there’s a balcony.

Since it might seem like the apartment is divided by columns, the actual distribution of the spaces is very clear. The first volume includes the entrance, the living room, the master bedroom with a bathroom and one side of the bedroom featuring two en-suite bathrooms and a walk-in closet. In the second volume there’s a library/studio, on the second floor. There’s also a reception area in the attic.