There are probably more rug designs than I can count, but every one of them is unique and special, something that no one else except you will have in your home. So why not make some yourself? And what better way to start than with this Overdyed Blue Rug with Gold Print? It is a traditional style rug in a very beautiful color . It is part of the Overdyed collection that also includes a fluffy sheep skin rug in very pleasant shade of grey, but it is the rug that is really interesting.Blue is the color of inner world and blue is the color of hope and calm, penance, and the one that makes you feel at ease and appreciate everything less.

Usually people use white when they decorate their homes, but this is a little too bold for my taste. But this rug is more like a decoration, so it is totally up to you. If you are not a fan of the blue and white combo, you can choose the other two variants: stile or terra. Both rugs are very elegant and nice and they will definitely improve the atmosphere in your home. The price starts from $120 and goes up as you purchase more patterns.

Overdyed Blue Rug With Gold Print Photo 4