Have you ever thought about having mirrors in your bathroom? There’s something about mirrors being a useful accessory and can make the use of these valuable items. Besides reflecting the light, it also reflects the atmosphere making the space look more spacious and clean. Moreover, mirrors are always beautiful and easy to integrate in any bathroom. You just need to have a big mirror and this is the most important part because this is the only option that can create a mirror on its own.

Therefore, you can have a big mirror where you can look in the mirror before getting out of the bathroom or where you can place all sorts of other things such as plants, flower vases, jars, spices, etc.

The Settee Settee mirrors are perfect for all kinds of decors and environments. They are very simple but also elegant and refined and they come in two sizes. The settee settee is the perfect choice and it can be matched with a long and narrow table, a sofa or in a large room, in the hallway or even on the terrace. It’s easy to install and it comes in a variety of different colors.

The mirror is as you see it here, a very nice accessory that provides you with a great vantage point over your bathroom. The settee was designed to accentuate a subtle wave and a mirror is the perfect element to complement it with. The dimensions of the mirror are as follows: 31?W x 30?D x 68?H. You can buy this settee for $449. It comes in a pink tone and you can choose any color you want for the base and the shade you should paint the mirror with.