Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Collection Display

Here’s a very interesting and original way of displaying oil paintings on the wall. This is a collection of personalized items, representing various items such as tanks, jars, vases, glasses and so on. All you need is an expensive frame […]

Round Window Frame From Emma

Anything that is particularly useful for your home must be given special consideration so that you can make the most of it and less of it. For example you need a nice window frame that is both functional and designer. […]

Statement Mirrors From Suessi Design

Have you ever thought about having mirrors in your bathroom? There’s something about mirrors being a useful accessory and can make the use of these valuable items. Besides reflecting the light, it also reflects the atmosphere making the space look […]

Contemporary Wall Art Designs From Trento

Today we would like to present you a whole collection of contemporary wall art designs that are meant to give character to an entire room. The collection features pictures that feature a variety of themes like nature, art, black and […]

De Stijl Chair By Magnus Sune Berg

The chair, called “The Dutch Chair”, is designed by Magnus Sune Berg. It is made of marine plywood and it is upholstered with marine fabric. The Dutch Chair, designed by one of the most recognized designers of the twentieth century, […]

De Stijl Chair By Arthur Casas

The chair, which is made in the foothills of Sierra Grande Baja California, Mexico, was designed by Arthur Casas. The living room in this home rinks to the terrace and the patio, granting an immediate atmosphere of relaxation and harmony. […]

Vitra House By Stu/de/larke Arquitectos

Portuguese architects from Studio Verellen in collaboration with Spanish firm Stu/De/larke arquitectos has designed the vitra house project. Completed in 2010, this 3,132 square foot contemporary home is located in Lagos, a town along the Atlantic Ocean, in the Barlavento […]

Atrium Ideas By Sculp[IT]AR

The inspiration for the many wall sconces that are available in the market came from Asia. The designer, Ziyet Sejura, Orientalate atelier has found a very interesting way of illustrating this culture. The blank walls receive animated data like the […]

Empty Picture Frame

Here’s an interesting idea for adding some color to your picture frames. If you just simply place the picture frames in front of the photos and put them in front of the window, this will give the frames a bad […]