Industrial chic is a style that doesn’t really describe a certain item or piece of furniture. So some pieces are more likely to look like something you would expect to see in a particular space or to have in a garage or loft. This bedroom collection is not that different in this sense.

The collection features stylish furniture pieces with an industrial look and some pieces that share the same style and look. The industrial look is often seen on certain pieces of furniture such as the chairs used to stage lighting in the case of the ones included in this collection. The pieces included here are all simple and chic and they have an overall very feminine touch.

The dimensions of the pieces are broadly described as long, about 6 ft wide and 30.5? high. The combination of colors features in the design is also harmonious and the result is a very stylish image. The neutral palette of brown, black and white allows the industrial pieces to integrate in the décor without being too obvious and even a little surprising. The fact that the metal and the glass are mostly transparent is definitely a plus.

Industrial Chic Bedroom Furniture Set Photo 3