Wine racks, also referred to as wine racks, are not something we usually think about. They’re usually small and integrated into the kitchen island or accent wall. However, there are occasions when we come across something like this. This, for example, is the interior of a wine cellar converted into a kitchen. As you can see, the design is simple and this allows the décor to become at the limit between industrial and rustic.

The wood-paneled ceiling and the matching floor and counter top give this area a very comfortable and inviting look. The furniture provides good support and the patterned black and white floor keeps the room organized and balanced.

The kitchen area is a continuation of the dining space, also situated on the same level. The two spaces are separated by a kitchen island that doubles as a bar. The dining space is casual and offers the perfect combination of elements. A small chic table with a round top and hairpin legs is complemented by a round glass top coffee table.

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A lantern adds a romantic touch to the room and a set of swivel floor lamps hanging from the ceiling complete the look. At the same time, the colored accent wall puts the room over the top.

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The kitchen shares an open floor plan with the dining space and the living area. A Jacuzzi tub sits in the corner, serving as a separate space and blooming with light. The black accent wall and the light fixture create a well-balanced space that’s both simple and stylish.

The rest of the rooms are also decorated in neutral tones, featuring pleasant shades of gray and wood. The glass top coffee table,, the large windows and the subtle but striking artwork all work together to create a pleasant ambiance.

A transitional area is situated at the end of the hallway. It has a large wooden wardrobe hanging from the ceiling, featuring built-in storage compartments on the sides. The white curtains and the accent lighting in the room accomplish the trick.

Originally, this used to be the hallway. But then it became an open bedroom with a tiny wooden door and this continuous design was maintained. The bed sits in a corner, framed by two wood-framed walls.

The bedroom is split into two different areas. One of them is the sleeping area and has a blue carpet. Large windows let in natural light and the whole room is brightened up with white and yellow accents. Yellow is the accent color of the room and the yellow chair is the perfect accessory.

The other portion of the room is the workspace. A simple shelf holds a Zig Zag author’s writing desk. It’s a small desk with an unusually interesting shape, perfect for the space in front of the desk.

The desk matches the wooden floor. The two areas are separated by a wooden chair. A white chair with a soft and pleasant color is placed across from the desk, framing the desk and adding another texture to the décor.

The bedrooms have their own share of interesting and colorful accents. One of them is the bedroom with an industrial-style interior. The zone covers its ceiling and the yellow chair sits in the continuation of the smoky fireplace. A white armchair with gray legs and a dual-layered headboard is complemented by a second type of chair.

The third bedroom intrusively features the same type of metal chairs as the other ones described so far. It only has one row of LED lights and this details helps it stand out even more.