A kitchen can be opened up and connected to the outdoors by opening the windows. This means that the interior can get all the natural light that it needs and, at the same time, it can also benefit from additional natural ventilation. It’s why the kitchen or the living room should be an open space. Nordic-inspired kitchens such as this one feature lots of wood accents in the form of a combination of exposed beams, wall panels, furniture or accessories and a few vintage-traditional accents such as a few table lampshades.

The kitchen island is the focal point of this particular area, the space that connects the living and dining areas. It serves a double purpose, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a storage and storage-efficient capacity. This island features plenty of storage under its counter and open shelves and the space underneath it as well. It’s a place for everything.

Going from one corner of the room to another can be possible thanks to the sidebar trays. They offer storage on the sides and keep items separated and off the counter, being perfect for corner kitchen cabinets. Also, they make it easier to organize the items that one needs to have when cooking or prepping food.

Nordic Kitchens With Warm Classic Wood Accents Photo 3

Although white is the most commonly used color when it comes to kitchen cabinets, it’s not the only one. For example, this kitchen features dark wood flooring, a warm brown and elegant black accents for the furniture and even the countertop. Notice that the countertop is not always open and is positioned vertically.

Nordic Kitchens With Warm Classic Wood Accents Photo 4

A similar scenario features dark wood flooring but in this case the floor is white. There’s no floor-to-ceiling storage compartments in this kitchen so the layout is just as simple as it is for the other examples so far. The key to making the most out of such a small space is simplicity and functionality.

Nordic Kitchens With Warm Classic Wood Accents Photo 5

In this case, the kitchen features an eclectic décor. It’s a combination of vintage and modern elements and the exposed brick and wood beams make the décor stand out even more. The cold blue of the walls and the patterned blue mosaic are the perfectly-balanced elements here.

Unexpected touches of color can be a welcomed addition to a dark and cold kitchen décor. In this case, it’s combined with metallic elements and the result is a bright and fresh kitchen with a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere. The dozen small red accents are not as striking as in the case of other examples but they manage to nail the décor once again!

Even though it would have been easy to add a few more touches of color here and there but instead the décor is simply monotonous, with dark-stained flooring, black and white kitchen furniture and a touch of green in the kitchen pendant lamp.

Color is added through elements such as the kitchen island, the cabinetry or the bar stools and the curtains. The green accents are just what the space needed to feel cheerful and inviting.

Natural wood and warm colors are used in combination with all the black but make the décor seem less cold and industrial. The windows are left exposed and the overall look is bright and fresh.

It’s a wonderful example of how black can be added to a kitchen and still turn it into a cheerful place. In this case, the décor is simple, serene and relaxing.

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