As we have demonstrated by our articles lately, there’s no need to invest in big furniture and flashy colors when you can get a hideaway desk instead. Danish design firm Niemeyer + Roos has found a way to combine a work surface with a secret storage space.

Designed by the Dutch designers from Minimal Windows Group, the desk has a hidden worktop which can be hidden behind a sliding screen when not needed. Underneath the desk there’s a pull-out work surface which can be used as a work surface but also as a storage surface. It comes in white or black, both quiet and beautiful.

The hideaway worktop could make a nice addition to either a modern office, as a small work surface, or to a home office. It’s both functional and stylish and it would make a great addition to any office or living room.

The drawer space hidden behind a sliding screen is very useful. You can use it to store your documents, office supplies, books and all sorts of other items you might need near the bed. It’s hidden where its purpose is to keep you sane and focus on the task at hand.

Hideaway Desk By Niemeyer + Roos Photo 4

The Niemeyer + Roos desk features a number of great features. First of all, it’s made of particle board and it’s light and durable. It’s also space-saving and it can be easily folded flat against the wall. It’s also practical because it takes very little space when not needed and can be easily stored anywhere.

Hideaway Desk By Niemeyer + Roos Photo 5

The desk also has an integrated cable management system. You can’t have a messy desk that doesn’t have a hiding space or a cable from your power source. Also, the desk has an adjustable height and a large surface. This makes it perfect for each person. The height adjusts according to the user’s height and body, making the desk perfect for each person. The surface of the desk measures 30 x 30 cm.