The bathroom is the only room in the house where you can do whatever you want, as it is a solitary room so it must be designed and planned in order to free your mind and body from the traffic of the rest of the house, too. That is why people have tried to find new and interesting solutions for this problem, and tables all along the spectrum offer such solutions. The best solution is obviously the one that comes to your own and fits best in your bathroom because you have there a lot of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at this contemporary bathroom vanity sink from Escho which is amazing not only because of its architecture and the choice of material, but also because of the little details like the golden leaves that are applied on its surface.

It’s not a very big change, but it’s a big plus. And this is what you get when you find the perfect sink for your bathroom. If you’re having trouble deciding on the design, be sure to take a look at the bathroom furniture collection from Jacuzzi, which is a collection of vanities and storage cabinets that will satisfy your needs.

Floating Vanity Sink From Escho Photo 2