Having a small bathroom can be a real nuisance. Even when you know there’s no more space to waste in your house, you sometimes have to give up some things just because you can’t find a permanent place for your bathroom. In such cases it’s usually quite difficult to find furniture for the bathroom. But in this case it doesn’t seem like a problem anymore. Here’s a small steam shower cabin that would be a great choice for any small bathroom.

This cabin is perfect for a small bathroom because it doesn’t take much space. In fact, it even looks small because it’s just a shower cabin. It’s positioned somewhere around a tankless water heater that’s hidden inside. The cabin has a metallic look and it’s not actually a shower cabin. It’s possible to create such a cabin by yourself but it would have to be a custom creation. Download the plans for this item.

Once you have the plans you need to build your own steam shower cabin. You can find them on jaycustomcreations. The materials needed include a wood board, sanding paper, wood glue, liquid nails, 4 inch nails, black paint, brad nailer, a 4 inch brad nailer, a wood linger, wood glue, fish clippers, a hammer and an orange rag. If you want you can also add some finishing touches.

And after you’re done building your own steam shower cabin, add the plumbing and the tub-shower combo. This combo takes up little space and has a big impact on the overall design and look of the cottage. It’s a simpler design than the cross-pipe shower cabins and takes up less space.{found on skinnylaminx}.