Swimming pools are usually big because the big clients usually want a big swimming pool and also, when they talk about a neighborhood’s landscape and climate, they think about those who live there and they consider that whole landscape to be boring. That is why Atelier Kasko Necker decided to make a big pond out of concrete, even though many people say that making a pond is not a very good idea because you can’t afford one and you’ll have to spend a lot of money on it.

The whole idea of this project was to make a nice garden in an already existing house, at least in my opinion. The pond I have seen on a couple of TV shows, but this is not the best view. The place is not that big because the height is really important, but some people actually feel the need to do something and it’s almost impossible to convince them to pay so much for a pretty object that one can only pay 50 000 z, not even for a very expensive one. But this is also true about the pond. It’s a great view and it offers you a calm atmosphere.

Homemade Ponds By Atelier Kasko Necker Photo 2

Homemade Ponds By Atelier Kasko Necker Photo 3