Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Aquarium Funiture By Cos Design

The “Cos Design” aquarium are an original idea that was created for when “helping” a aquarium without actually using any.” The “cos” in the title actually means, “There is a cushion that comes with this.” Well, if there is one, […]

Homemade Ponds By Atelier Kasko Necker

Swimming pools are usually big because the big clients usually want a big swimming pool and also, when they talk about a neighborhood’s landscape and climate, they think about those who live there and they consider that whole landscape to […]

Designer Shower Curtains By Mothology

The new Mothology Designer Shower Curtain provides a unique opportunity to have your shower created a distinctive space in your home. The Mothology shower curtains are a creative approach to privacy. Apart from providing a unique view, the design of […]

Diy Small Pond By Carola Vannini

This beautiful little pond was created by architect Carola Vannini.It is located in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and it is a great garden design.The pond was made using two vertical concrete slabs, one for the ground and the other for the sea.The […]

Aquarium Bed By SpaceSpace

This intriguing bed is inspired by the luxury trend in modern interior design. Aquarium beds are part of a “less is more” concept that uses furniture as a means to express our interest in shiny objects and luxurious materials. The […]